Do not be afraid to ask your personal injury lawyer this question.

For lawyers at Handel Law Firm, you may hire us on an hourly basis or on a Contingency Fee Agreement basis. If you hire us on an hourly basis, we will bill you our hourly rate of $500.00 per hour times the number of hours we work on it during the month and render a bill at the end of each and every month plus disbursements for doctor’s reports, all of which must be paid on a timely basis.

Because this is difficult for many seriously injured victims who are unable to work, we act for the majority of our victims on what is called a Contingency Fee Agreement. As the name implies our fee is contingent on us being successful in obtaining a result. Secondly, we do not receive a fee at all until the matter is settled and thus you do not have interim legal bills. Thirdly, when the case is settled the fee is a percent of the settlement amount which is on a sliding scale with the percentage going up slightly if the matter goes on closer to trial as then our time commitment would have gone up significantly in the litigation.

Feel free to ask us further questions about how we are retained during an initial free consultation about your situation.