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Personal Injury Lawyers

Turn To the Law Firm Other Lawyers Turn To When They Have Been In a Car Accident.

Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping surviving family members understand their legal options and rights in a Wrongful Death Insurance Claim, Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries, Pelvic Fractures, Multiple Bone Fractures and other Serious Personal Injury Claims. We serve clients in Red Deer and Edmonton, and we will travel to your home anywhere in Alberta.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.)

Since you came to this website, you are obviously searching for a personal injury lawyer online. It can be very confusing and frustrating to review multiple websites of personal injury lawyers all claiming to be the best and promising to obtain the highest settlement for you.

What you really need is an independent review process that has already scrutinized the lawyers for you pointing you to a highly skilled lawyer and someone you can trust knowing that lawyer will work hard for you and always be honest with you.

Fortunately, in Canada and Alberta there is such an independent review process. It is called a Queen’s Counsel appointment, designated as “Q.C.” for short.  A Q.C. designation of a lawyer dates to the 16th Century in England. In Alberta, Q.C. applications are reviewed by a screening committee comprised of Judges and other lawyers. The Judges and other members of the legal community make recommendations to the Minister of Justice for Alberta and Solicitor General and Cabinet of Alberta for consideration of a Queen’s Counsel appointment.

This centuries old tradition honors outstanding legal careers.  It has been relied on by people for centuries.

The Q.C. designation is given to lawyers who demonstrate excellence in the practice of law as well as professional integrity and good character. It is a designation of superior achievement in many aspects of the law, sterling reputation and contributions to society in general.

It is very difficult to obtain the designation of Q.C. That is why you won’t find many Q.C.’s listed in other personal injury law firms.  In searching for a personal injury lawyer, review other websites and see how many lawyers have the designation of Q.C., an independent mark of excellence. In Alberta there are 9,567 active lawyers and of those lawyers only 41 lawyers are chosen every two years to receive the honour of Q.C.  That works out to only 20 lawyers per year out of over 9,500 active lawyers.

Brent Handel was chosen a Q.C. on December 30, 2011 after over 20 years as a practicing lawyer.   If you need assistance with your serious complex personal injury, contact Brent Handel, Q.C., and rest assured that you will have access to top quality legal counsel to advance your personal injury claim. However, to be honest, we are very busy and do not take all cases which are presented to us, but if we cannot assist you due to a busy case load we will refer you to another Q.C. or lawyer we know from experience is a top-notch personal injury lawyer.

Accident and Injury Lawyers

We are recommended by other lawyers for their clients. If you have lost a loved one or suffered a catastrophic injury in a Car and Truck Accident or a Motorcycle Accident we will travel to your home anywhere in Alberta to talk to you and give you legal advice.

At Handel Law Firm, our compassionate and experienced team help the families of fatal accident victims and serious personal injury victims secure the financial compensation necessary to adapt and move forward.

We represent survivors in seeking recovery of the expenses related to the funeral, replace lost wages of the deceased, provide for child care and housekeeping services, and secure the survivors’ financial future. We have represented husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and domestic partners involved in Fatal Accident actions against those responsible and accountable for the wrongful deaths of loved ones.

If your family has suffered the loss of a loved one or suffered a catastrophic injury because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, talk to us. We can help. Brent Handel Q.C. will personally meet with you to answer any questions or concerns so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with a claim. There is no obligation after talking with us as the initial consultation is free.

We are compassionate and passionate about helping victims of negligent and criminal acts such as drunk driving, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and reckless driving.

Handel Law Firm recognizes the importance of top quality medical research into difficult to diagnose medical conditions such as Lyme Disease and ME/CFS. As a result, from early 2015 to date and ongoing Handel Law Firm has donated to charities supporting medical research the total sum of $102,455.00.

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“Brent is a very capable, compassionate and practical lawyer who is
very experienced in handling serious personal injury claims.”

Cheryl Y Bartel