There are several factors which go into the calculation of how much a personal injury claim is worth. One of the main “heads” of damages is general damages for pain and suffering, inconvenience, loss of amenities of life and loss of enjoyment of life. How much a court will award for this depends upon several factors with two of the most important factors being how long you have problems and the severity of the problems during that time period.
Of course, a third factor is the nature of the injury and if you see our very popular webpage “How Much Is My Claim Worth?” you will see various injuries and actual case precedents under various types of injuries.

The reason we have precedents under each injury is that our legal system is based on precedent – a principle called stare decisis in Latin and so one can research similar injuries to see what judges ordered in those cases and then use that to predict how much a judge would award in your case.

Reviewing previous cases for injuries and finding similar cases with similar injuries is a task requiring a great deal of legal skill and experience and medical knowledge and should not be undertaken by yourself. Hire a lawyer experienced in personal injury law with medical knowledge to understand the medical legal reports and you will be much further ahead than trying to do the case on your own. We guarantee it!