Claiming Bankruptcy while waiting for Personal Injury Settlements

After a serious motor vehicle accident, many victims are unable to work after a catastrophic personal injury and end up in severe financial difficulty. While the personal injury claim is proceeding but not yet settled, some victims have to file for bankruptcy as a result of inability to pay their monthly bills.

This video will discuss what effects the bankruptcy claim has on your personal injury claims and answer the following questions:

  • Will all of your personal injury settlements have to be paid to the Trustee in Bankruptcy for the benefit of your creditors?
  • What about General Damages for pain and suffering, does this go to the creditors as well?
  • Does you long term future income loss recovery in your personal injury settlement for the period even after you are discharged from bankruptcy vest in the Trustee for the benefit of your creditors?

Bankruptcy & Personal Injury Settlements Video

Watch the video to discover the answer to these questions and more.