What is the Safest Car on the Road?

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What is the Safest Car on the Road?

We are often asked what is the safest car on the road. The answer has recently changed. You won’t believe the answer. Watch the video to find out for yourself. (Click on the picture, then on the URL).

Note: At the end of June, 2016 the AutoPilot feature of Tesla was in the news because the FIRST fatality occurred worldwide with AutoPilot engaged. Some uniformed people are questioning the safety of AutoPiolt given this fatality. What needs to be discussed is that the Tesla AutoPilot logged 120 million miles before recording this first fatality. Human drivers have a fatality every 60 million miles. Thus, the Tesla AutoPiolt, although not perfect, is TWICE AS SAFE AS A HUMAN DRIVER. Irrational fears of technology should not get in the way of rational discussion.

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