New Concussion Diagnosis: Portable Brain-Imaging System

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New Concussion Diagnosis: Portable Brain-Imaging System

If you suffer a concussion in a motor vehicle collision, particularly a mild concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, it can sometimes be difficult to prove the case from a medical-legal point of view because typical imaging studies such as a CT scan or MRI often do not illustrate mild traumatic brain injuries.

Fortunately, researchers at the University of Calgary in March, 2018 developed a portable brain-imaging system which can “shed light” on concussions – literally. The researchers at the University of Calgary used an infrared system and placed a cap over the victim’s head and then shined light into the brain. This measures the colour of the blood in the brain as white is absorbed differently depending on how much oxygen is absorbed in the blood.

This allows the researchers to determine whether a concussion has occurred.

This can be very useful in medical-legal cases to prove to the reluctant Edmonton insurance company who does not want to pay a fair settlement or is denying that a victim had a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion.

Unfortunately, the researchers say determining the extent of the damage and the long-term consequences is more difficult. Nevertheless, this new tool will be very useful for establishing the initial evidence of a brain injury and then at Handel Law Firm we use other experts such as a Neuropsychologist to put the victim through a full battery of tests which are sensitive to diagnosing a concussion.

The combined use of this new infrared light sensor and using a neuropsychologist will make proving a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury much easier, therefore, streamlining or shortening the litigation and providing better results for our clients.

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