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Self Driving Cars and Safety Data

    Self driving cars safety data should be made public to lawmakers. Currently in the US, automakers are pushing the US Congress to pass rules unleashing tens of thousands of self driving cars as test vehicles on US highways. We agree with the US Congress that the existing safety data the auto makers have [...]

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Helmet Law for ATV’S in Alberta

Alberta has finally recognized the extreme danger riding an off-highway vehicle (OHV) poses to drivers and riders alike. As of May 15, 2017, helmets will be mandatory for riding OHV’s on public land in Alberta.  OHV’s include ATV’s, snowmobiles, side-by-side vehicles and 4-wheel drive vehicles. In our law practice we have acted for victims with [...]

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What about the recent Takata airbags recall?

In our previous blog we discussed potentially faulty airbags not deploying in a collision.  In this blog we discuss the opposite problem – Takata airbags deploying and injuring and killing people when the airbag should not have deployed. Takata is the manufacturer of millions of airbags for multiple car manufacturers in the world. There are [...]

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My Airbag Did Not Deploy!

If you have been in a motor vehicle collision and suffered severe injuries because your air bag did not deploy, you may wish to discuss this with your injury lawyer who can discuss it with an expert on airbags. However, before you get too excited about suing a manufacturer for a faulty airbag you should [...]

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Five Dangerous Lies About Seat Belt Safety

Seat Belt Safety Myths There are a lot of myths about seat belt safety and the use of seat belt in a motor vehicle. Below are some of the most common myths that are untrue about seat belt safety. Myth #1 People often say they feel they’d have a better chance of survival if they’re thrown clear [...]

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What is the Safest Car on the Road?

We are often asked what is the safest car on the road. The answer has recently changed. You won’t believe the answer. Watch the video to find out for yourself. (Click on the picture, then on the URL). Note: At the end of June, 2016 the AutoPilot feature of Tesla was in the news because [...]

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Pedestrian Safety: Alberta Moves to Increase Pedestrian Safety

Alberta Moves to Increase Pedestrian Safety The NDP Government of Alberta has said it will look at legislation to better protect pedestrians in Alberta. In Calgary alone there have been 7 pedestrian fatalities so far this year in 2015, and province-wide in 2014 there were 45 pedestrian fatalities. Speed is a fundamental issue with pedestrian [...]

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Tesla video of auto lane change and blind spot monitoring and auto steer

Tesla AutoPilot video demonstrates its ability of auto lane change, blind spot monitoring and auto steer. This is the wave of the future now: the computer, cameras, radar, and GPS monitor the lanes of the highway, keep you in the center of the lane and allow the driver to be freed up to better monitor [...]

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Car collision and now you want a safer vehicle

After being in a motor vehicle collision, the importance of driving a safer vehicle is at the top of your mind. The first place to start is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which has developed very stringent crash testing and crash avoidance testing for all manufacturers. Go to The Insurance Institute for Highway [...]

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Google Maps and Motor Vehicle Collisions

The police are always the first on the scene to investigate a motor vehicle collision; however the police report produced by the R.C.M.P or the City of Lethbridge Police Department and the sketch of the accident scene sometimes leaves much to be desired. The alternative in the old days would have been to attend the [...]

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