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Communicating with People with Brain Injuries

Communicating with people with brain injuries presents significant obstacles which a lawyer must overcome in order to ensure that the victim receives proper compensation, which can only be done if a lawyer fully understands the situation of the brain injured victim. Injury lawyers must remember that a traumatic brain injury victim may have a lot of [...]

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The Greatest Scientific and Medical Challenge of our Time

Patients with Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS, or CFS) are accustomed to disappointment. The cause of the disorder remains unknown; it can be difficult to diagnose, and treatment options are few, and proof in a court of law is even more difficult. Those are the words of Dr. Jose Montoya, M.D., professor of Infectious Diseases [...]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Medical Break Through

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder The horrific carnage which occurs on our highways often results in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of the survivors, who see the terrible result of the negligent actions of drivers of motor vehicles at highway speeds. In civil litigation cases proving PTSD relies upon signs and symptoms and neuropsychological assessments all [...]

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Tape Recording of a Medical Examination by the Defendant’s Doctor

When an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident the defendant, more specifically the defendant’s insurance company, has the right to have the plaintiff victim submit to a medical exam by a doctor chosen by the insurance company. Recently the Alberta Rules of Court were amended to allow the plaintiff to have a third [...]

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Medical Breakthrough – Paralysis May Not Last Forever

In a stunning medical breakthrough, a team of medical researchers at the University of Louisville and the University of California-Los Angeles restored some voluntary movement to four men who were told they would never move their legs again. The findings were published in the April 4th, 2014 issue of the journal “Brain” which is a [...]

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