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Facebook and Other Social Media Evidence and Personal Injury Litigation Cases

Social Media As Evidence in Personal Injury and Disability Insurance Cases Plaintiffs who bring a claim for personal injuries or disability insurance benefits should be careful about the types of activities and comments they post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media accessible to the public. The defendant insurance company will review your online [...]

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Defending Medical Exam Consent

The defendant insurance company wished the plaintiff victim of a motor vehicle accident to attend for a so called independent medical examination (in reality a defence medical examination) pursuant to Rule 5.41 of the Alberta Rules of Court as Rule 5.41 does not refer to an “independent“ medical examination, but a medical examination “on application” [...]

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Your Potential Liability When Renting a Motor Vehicle

This case involved whether or not a rental company is liable in an accident when the person renting the vehicle did not pay for or disclose that there would be additional drivers other than the renter. Terms of the rental contract stipulate under the heading “Additional Authorized Drivers” that “except as required by law none [...]

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