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Limitation Periods in Motor Vehicle Collisions – Extension?

When you are in a motor vehicle collision, even if you have not suffered personal injuries, the standard Alberta automobile policy requires that you give notice of the collision to your insurance company within 30 days of the collision, and if that is not reasonable or possible, as soon as practicable after that. This is [...]

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Commercial Host Liability

By Talina J. Handel B.A. J.D. (Candidate) Last week the Childs v Desormeaux case provided some insight on social host liability. This week we will take a look at the commercial liability insurance in Alberta (bars and restaurants). The Supreme Court of Canada first addressed commercial host liability in the 1973 Jordan House Ltd. v Menow [...]

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Social Host Liability (Party at Your House)

There has been much debate in Alberta about the responsibilities of social hosts: regular people just like you and I who host events at their home and supply alcoholic beverages to their guests. It goes without saying that social gatherings happen all of the time across the province; however, the legal consequences of these commonplace [...]

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Can I Settle My Injury or Fatality Claim Myself With The Auto Insurance Company?

There are two good reasons why you will never achieve a fair injury settlement or fatality settlement from a private auto insurance company in Alberta acting for yourself without a lawyer after a motor vehicle collision. Firstly, personal injury compensation is a complex area of law with many, “heads of damages”, depending upon the nature [...]

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Can You Secretly Record Conversations With Others With Your Smart Phone?

We are often asked if it is illegal to tape record a conversation that you are having with someone else. This question seems to come up more often given the widespread availability of recording devices on smartphones such as the iPhone. The picture below depicts an iPhone recorder which is very easy to use and allows [...]

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Alberta Auto Insurance – How Much Auto Insurance Liability Should You Carry?

You should carry a minimum of $2 Million of auto liability insurance on your car or truck. Third party liability insurance on your automobile is designed to protect you in the event that you are negligent and cause a collision which results in serious injuries or death to innocent victims. The old recommendation by insurance [...]

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Liability for Sports Related Concussions or Brain Injury

Concussions in Sports Liability for concussions in sports is a growing area in Canadian law, as it should be. For too long Canadian amateur sports organizations have been negligent with respect to caring for their athletes, especially very young athletes. Hockey Canada defines a concussion as a brain injury caused by the impact of the brain [...]

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