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Section B Accident Benefits from YOUR Auto Policy

If you are in a motor vehicle collision and you are injured, you should be aware that in addition to benefits you are entitled to from the insurance company of the driver at fault, your own automobile policy also has benefits which are available to you which do not affect your premium as they are [...]

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Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, your social media accounts may cost you significantly financially. Social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook suffer from the “highlight reel” phenomenon. In other words, people tend to post highlights from their life when things are going well and when they’re feeling well. You [...]

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Disability Insurance and ME/CFS

DISABILITY INSURANCE and ME/CFS -  Stacking the Odds for Success   by Brent L. Handel J.D., Q.C. Disability insurance provides partial income replacement if you are disabled/unemployable because of any type of illness including ME/CFS. You may have disability insurance through a group insurance plan offered through your employer, union or association. You also may have purchased an [...]

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Dr. John Bauman – Incompetent or Unethical Doctors

Incompetent or unethical doctors Incompetent or unethical doctors hurt victim claimants on a regular basis. In any medical-legal case the medical diagnosis and prognosis are the foundation upon which a claim is built or upon which it crumbles. Therefore, when a plaintiff innocent victim brings a claim for injuries he or she is often asked [...]

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What If You’re Struck and Injured By a Bicycle?

What if you are struck and seriously injured by a cyclist who, more than likely, does not have liability insurance on his bicycle? Many people are unaware that when you sue an individual and are successful and obtain a Judgment you simply have a Judgment. Some people believe that if you obtain a Judgment then [...]

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Auto Insurance Adjuster Misleading?

We are often contacted by injury victims after they have dealt with the auto insurance adjuster for the party at fault and have been unsuccessful in negotiating a settlement because they realize the amount being offered is ridiculously low, or they are told things they are suspicious about whether they are true or not. Auto [...]

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Alberta Auto Insurance Companies Fail To Provide Proper Disability Benefits

Alberta Disability Benefits Under the “Alberta Standard Automobile Policy SPF No 1”,  Section B, there are certain benefits available to you in an accident regardless of fault. These benefits are payable by your own auto insurance company and do not affect your future auto premiums. One of the benefits is a total disability benefit which [...]

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Uber Ride Share Insurance Issues

What is Uber? As many of you are aware “Uber” is a ride-sharing business which uses a smartphone whereby you may request a ride. The ride is provided by a private vehicle owner who has signed up to give rides in exchange for a fee. The business recently opened in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. However, [...]

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Limitation Period for Child Injury Claims

Limitation Period For Adults Many people are aware that after a motor vehicle collision there is a two-year limitation period in which one must either settle the claim or commence an action at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. As discussed in a blog post on July 22, 2015 there is a mechanism to have [...]

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Advance Payment From Car Accident Injury Claim

In a serious motor vehicle collision with serious injuries the innocent victim is very often only able to work part-time or very often unable to work at all. Therefore, the bills add up very quickly and providing the basic necessities of life for him or herself and his or her family becomes a major problem. [...]

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