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What To Do If Your Spouse Dies In A Car Accident

Who was at Fault? The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced Edmonton fatal accident lawyer who will hire an accident reconstruction engineer to determine who was at fault for the motor vehicle collision. This is crucial as in Alberta fault determines the amount that may be claimed as a payout for [...]

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Unique Aspects of Fatal Car Accident Compensation

Fatal Car Accident Compensation cases have many unique aspects compared to a typical personal injury case. Fortunately, fatal accident cases are less common than injury cases, however, this leads to many legal counsel being unfamiliar with the unique aspects of fatal accident law. The first unique aspect is that, the amount of compensation is a [...]

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Fatal Accident Claims – Calculating Future Loss of Income for Dependency Losses

Calculating Future Loss of Income In a catastrophic injury claim or even in a moderate injury claim where there will be an ongoing future wage loss, it is necessary to hire an economist to calculate the future loss of income. This is also necessary in a fatal accident claim to calculate the loss of dependency [...]

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Grieving Mindfully Seminar

We deal with many families of the victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents and the journey of grief is a very difficult and personal one. It is not the same for any two people because it is as unique as a person’s life and their relationships. How a person approaches this unfortunate but inevitable part [...]

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Holiday Drinkers Beware: Tougher Sentences for Drunk Driving

Youth Drunk Driving Laws Noting that drunk driving causes more deaths and serious injuries than any other crime, the Supreme Court of Canada gave greater discretion to trial judges in sentencing young people with no criminal record who are convicted of drunk driving. This is particularly the case for people who are convicted of drunk driving causing death. [...]

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Women May Be Less Prepared for the Death of Their Spouse

Everyone is well aware that women outlive men; in fact, the average is now nearly five years, 81.2 years for women versus 76.4 years for men. Yet because men earn more money, women are less prepared for this eventuality. Nearly half of women say their ability to make mortgage payments, pay college tuition, and pay [...]

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Update on Common Law or Interdependent Partners in a Fatal Accident Claim

In a previous blog post on April 8th, 2014 we wrote about common law partners, or now more correctly in Alberta called interdependent partners. The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act defines an interdependent partner as someone who has lived with the other person in a relationship of interdependence for a continuous period of not less than [...]

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Fatal Accident Auto Insurance Claim

At Handel Law Firm we are committed to supporting you through this difficult time of loss and providing you with an understanding of your legal rights in Alberta. Car Accident Injury Compensation in Alberta Alberta is a fault-based jurisdiction in motor-vehicle accidents. This means that the party at fault for the accident is responsible for [...]

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Common-Law or Interdependent Partner and a Fatal Accident Claim

When can a common-law partner, known in Alberta as an “adult interdependent partner,” bring a claim for loss of financial support on the death of his or her partner? The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act defines an interdependent partner as someone who has lived with the other person in a relationship of interdependence for a continuous [...]

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Grief Related Heart Disease

Risk of Heart Disease Heart disease risk when grieving has been studied before and researchers have found a connection between heart disease and grief. However some recent studies have shed new light upon heart attack patients who have recently lost a loved one. Their recent findings have been quite shocking. What researchers have found is [...]

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