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Mr. Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C. is the head of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Group at Handel Law Firm.

Car collision and now you want a safer vehicle

After being in a motor vehicle collision, the importance of driving a safer vehicle is at the top of your mind. The first place to start is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which has developed very stringent crash testing and crash avoidance testing for all manufacturers. Go to The Insurance Institute for Highway [...]

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Google Maps and Motor Vehicle Collisions

The police are always the first on the scene to investigate a motor vehicle collision; however the police report produced by the R.C.M.P or the City of Lethbridge Police Department and the sketch of the accident scene sometimes leaves much to be desired. The alternative in the old days would have been to attend the [...]

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Fatal Accident Auto Insurance Claim

At Handel Law Firm we are committed to supporting you through this difficult time of loss and providing you with an understanding of your legal rights in Alberta. Car Accident Injury Compensation in Alberta Alberta is a fault-based jurisdiction in motor-vehicle accidents. This means that the party at fault for the accident is responsible for [...]

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Communicating with People with Brain Injuries

Communicating with people with brain injuries presents significant obstacles which a lawyer must overcome in order to ensure that the victim receives proper compensation, which can only be done if a lawyer fully understands the situation of the brain injured victim. Injury lawyers must remember that a traumatic brain injury victim may have a lot of [...]

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The Greatest Scientific and Medical Challenge of our Time

Patients with Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS, or CFS) are accustomed to disappointment. The cause of the disorder remains unknown; it can be difficult to diagnose, and treatment options are few, and proof in a court of law is even more difficult. Those are the words of Dr. Jose Montoya, M.D., professor of Infectious Diseases [...]

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Can I Settle My Injury or Fatality Claim Myself With The Auto Insurance Company?

There are two good reasons why you will never achieve a fair injury settlement or fatality settlement from a private auto insurance company in Alberta acting for yourself without a lawyer after a motor vehicle collision. Firstly, personal injury compensation is a complex area of law with many, “heads of damages”, depending upon the nature [...]

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