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Mr. Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C. is the head of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Group at Handel Law Firm in Red Deer, Alberta.

Power of Persuasion at Mediation or Negotiation

Negotiation Stage Many personal injury claims are settled at the negotiation or mediation stage rather than an actual trial. In fact, statistically, approximately 98 percent of personal injury cases will settle without a trial. That does not mean many cases do not get close to a trial. In fact, in our experience, many of the [...]

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Cognitive Dissonance at the Court and Housekeeping Claims

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. In personal injury claims recent Alberta Judgments have clearly stated evidence from the victim about housekeeping [...]

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Tesla video of auto lane change and blind spot monitoring and auto steer

Tesla AutoPilot video demonstrates its ability of auto lane change, blind spot monitoring and auto steer. This is the wave of the future now: the computer, cameras, radar, and GPS monitor the lanes of the highway, keep you in the center of the lane and allow the driver to be freed up to better monitor [...]

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80 Year Old Woman Awarded $1 Million Judgment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury which caused early onset of Dementia

Wong vs. Towns, 2015 BCSC 1333 In this case Betty Wong was 80 years of age on June 24th, 2012 when she was rear-ended by the defendant. The impact was sufficient to write off both vehicles and cause the airbags to deploy in the defendant’s vehicle. Furthermore, the collision was sufficient to cause the plaintiff, [...]

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Occupational Therapist – A Crucial Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case

Occupational Therapist Role A serious injury will result in an impairment to an individual’s ability to pursue employment and ability to perform housekeeping chores. The question is how do you prove to a court, an independent person, the true extent of the victim’s limitations or disability. Even in serious injuries such as pelvic fractures and [...]

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Personal Injury Litigation Cost

To give you an example as to how expensive our civil litigation system in Alberta is we will quote a recent decision of Rudd-Birkenbach vs. Birkenbach Estate (2015) 2015 ABQB 178. Although this case did not involve a personal injury claim, but rather involved litigation around the distribution of money under a father’s will, the [...]

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Women May Be Less Prepared for the Death of Their Spouse

Everyone is well aware that women outlive men; in fact, the average is now nearly five years, 81.2 years for women versus 76.4 years for men. Yet because men earn more money, women are less prepared for this eventuality. Nearly half of women say their ability to make mortgage payments, pay college tuition, and pay [...]

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Limitation Period for Child Injury Claims

Limitation Period For Adults Many people are aware that after a motor vehicle collision there is a two-year limitation period in which one must either settle the claim or commence an action at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. As discussed in a blog post on July 22, 2015 there is a mechanism to have [...]

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Personal Injury Claims to Minors

When a minor (in Alberta under 18 years of age) is injured in a motor vehicle collision, he or she cannot sign the release absolving the wrongdoer of any further liability upon payment of a settlement. This, of course, creates a problem for the wrongdoer and his or her auto insurance company as they want [...]

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J. Belzil Injury Judgment Overturned on Appeal

Sorochan vs. Bouchier, 2014 ABQB 37 The above citation is an Alberta Judgment of Mr. Justice Belzil on January 20th, 2014 which involved primary pain to the plaintiff’s lower back from a bulging lumbar disc. The plaintiff at the time of trial was 65 years of age and resides in Two Hills, Alberta as a [...]

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