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Mr. Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C. is the head of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Group at Handel Law Firm in Red Deer, Alberta.

How to Assess Loss of Housekeeping Capacity?

In every personal injury claim one of the heads of damages which can be claimed by the innocent victim is the inability, due to injury, to perform the household chores completed prior to the collision. In a fatal accident case it is the complete loss of housekeeping support of a spouse which must be quantified. [...]

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What If You’re Struck and Injured By a Bicycle?

What if you are struck and seriously injured by a cyclist who, more than likely, does not have liability insurance on his bicycle? Many people are unaware that when you sue an individual and are successful and obtain a Judgment you simply have a Judgment. Some people believe that if you obtain a Judgment then [...]

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What is the Safest Car on the Road?

We are often asked what is the safest car on the road. The answer has recently changed. You won’t believe the answer. Watch the video to find out for yourself. (Click on the picture, then on the URL). Note: At the end of June, 2016 the AutoPilot feature of Tesla was in the news because [...]

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The Future of Structured Settlements for Injury Victims in Canada

What Is A Structured Settlement? For decades, Structured Settlements have proven to be the best way for an injury victim, who has an impaired work life to guarantee investment security of their damage award. Unlike anything else in the investment world, as they are available only to victims of collisions who receive compensatory damages, structured settlements [...]

Injury to Joints – Slow Healing Response

Personal injury lawyers should be aware of the slow healing response of cartilage in a joint in order to fully appreciate the long term future consequences of a victim’s traumatic injury to one of the joints. To understand this problem a review of anatomy is in order. At the area of the joint in the [...]

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Assessing General Damages for Pain and Suffering

Assessing General Pain and Suffering Damages How does a court of law go about assessing general pain and suffering damages when a victim is injured in a motor vehicle collision? As the name implies general damages are intended to provide compensation for a number of consequences which flow from a wrongful injury.  The typical list [...]

Auto Insurance Adjuster Misleading?

We are often contacted by injury victims after they have dealt with the auto insurance adjuster for the party at fault and have been unsuccessful in negotiating a settlement because they realize the amount being offered is ridiculously low, or they are told things they are suspicious about whether they are true or not. Auto [...]

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Fitbit and Other Wearable Electronic Data Collection

If you wear electronic data collection devices could this personal information come back to hurt your personal injury claim? Handel Law Firm is Alberta’s personal injury and fatal accident law firm serving the cities and areas of Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie.

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Alberta Courts Routinely Under Compensate Victims of Motor Vehicle Collisions

The 2012 case of Chisholm v. Lindsay 2012 ABQB 81 is a typical example of Alberta courts routinely under compensating victims of motor vehicle collisions. In Chisholm v. Lindsay the plaintiff was injured when she was rear-ended by the defendant’s vehicle. At the time of the accident the plaintiff was working full time as a [...]

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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims in Canada

Claiming Bankruptcy while waiting for Personal Injury Settlements After a serious motor vehicle accident, many victims are unable to work after a catastrophic personal injury and end up in severe financial difficulty. While the personal injury claim is proceeding but not yet settled, some victims have to file for bankruptcy as a result of inability to [...]

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