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Mr. Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C. is the head of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Group at Handel Law Firm.


Our firm assists victims with civil actions obtaining compensation when a loved one is killed in a motor vehicle accident. However, at the same time the party at fault is very often charged with criminal offences as a result of his or her conduct. The criminal charge when the driver is speeding is often dangerous [...]

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NFL Former Players Agree to Settle Concussion Lawsuit

The NFL Concussion Lawsuit 2014 The National Football League has agreed to pay $765 million to settle a lawsuit brought by more than 4,500 former players with dementia and other health problems caused by concussions playing football. The amount represents less than 3% of the $28 billion in media revenues the league will receive from [...]

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Liability for Sports Related Concussions or Brain Injury

Concussions in Sports Liability for concussions in sports is a growing area in Canadian law, as it should be. For too long Canadian amateur sports organizations have been negligent with respect to caring for their athletes, especially very young athletes. Hockey Canada defines a concussion as a brain injury caused by the impact of the brain [...]

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Facebook and Other Social Media Evidence and Personal Injury Litigation Cases

Social Media As Evidence in Personal Injury and Disability Insurance Cases Plaintiffs who bring a claim for personal injuries or disability insurance benefits should be careful about the types of activities and comments they post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media accessible to the public. The defendant insurance company will review your online [...]

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Future Cost Of Care For Severely Injured Car Accident Victims

Basic Principles The basic principles in assessing future care costs in personal injury insurance claims were enunciated by the Supreme Court of Canada in Andrews v. Grand & Toy Alberta Ltd., [1978] Carswell Alta 214 SCC, at paragraph 25 where Justice Dickson states: “In theory a claim for the cost of future care is a [...]

Low Speed Collision Issues

Low Speed Collision - Biomechanical Considerations Each low speed impact accident must be treated individually. There are too many factors to allow easy generalization. Dr. Herzog, who is the associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Human Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, has criticized the "conventional linear momentum" approach used by accident reconstruction [...]

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Defending Medical Exam Consent

The defendant insurance company wished the plaintiff victim of a motor vehicle accident to attend for a so called independent medical examination (in reality a defence medical examination) pursuant to Rule 5.41 of the Alberta Rules of Court as Rule 5.41 does not refer to an “independent“ medical examination, but a medical examination “on application” [...]

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Your Potential Liability When Renting a Motor Vehicle

This case involved whether or not a rental company is liable in an accident when the person renting the vehicle did not pay for or disclose that there would be additional drivers other than the renter. Terms of the rental contract stipulate under the heading “Additional Authorized Drivers” that “except as required by law none [...]

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For Lawyers – Case Comment on the Alberta Court of Appeal decision in McLaren v. McLaren Estate

Case Comment on the Alberta Court of Appeal decision in McLaren v. McLaren Estate, 2011 ABCA 299 By Cheryl Yingst Bartel and Brent L. Handel, Q.C. We took this case to the Alberta Court of Appeal and one issue at appeal was the consideration, if any, to give to government funded care costs when considering [...]