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Mr. Brent Handel, J.D., Q.C. is the head of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Group at Handel Law Firm in Red Deer, Alberta.

Airline Liability

You may wish to consult an Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyer for greater detail, but, generally, liability of airlines for injuries to passengers is governed in Canada by The Montreal Convention, an international agreement on airline liability designed to create consistency in airline liability around the world. Canadian courts have followed this international agreement for lawsuits [...]

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What To Do If Your Spouse Dies In A Car Accident

Who was at Fault? The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced Edmonton fatal accident lawyer who will hire an accident reconstruction engineer to determine who was at fault for the motor vehicle collision. This is crucial as in Alberta fault determines the amount that may be claimed as a payout for [...]

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 Loss of Housekeeping Capacity Damage Award

When you are injured in an Edmonton motor vehicle accident, one of the heads of damages you can claim is the Loss of Housekeeping Capacity damage award. The question is, how do you quantify the loss of housekeeping capacity head of damages. Let's say you have a serious back injury with nerve root involvement.  This [...]

Section B Accident Benefits from YOUR Auto Policy

If you are in a motor vehicle collision and you are injured, you should be aware that in addition to benefits you are entitled to from the insurance company of the driver at fault, your own automobile policy also has benefits which are available to you which do not affect your premium as they are [...]

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Damages for Unauthorized Release of Sex Tape

In the case of Jane Doe 464533 versus M.D. [2016] O.J. No. 382, the Ontario Superior Court heard a case where the plaintiff brought a claim for damages because of the defendant releasing an intimate video online. The defendant convinced the plaintiff to record an intimate video then posted it online without the plaintiff’s consent. [...]

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Prescription Opioids and Chronic Pain – Do They Help?

If you have been in an Edmonton car accident will prescription opioids help with chronic pain?  A new study from the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System has found that prescription opioids pain medicines are no better than over the counter drugs or nonopioids at reducing problems with chronic pain – indeed opioids provide a [...]

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New Concussion Diagnosis: Portable Brain-Imaging System

If you suffer a concussion in a motor vehicle collision, particularly a mild concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, it can sometimes be difficult to prove the case from a medical-legal point of view because typical imaging studies such as a CT scan or MRI often do not illustrate mild traumatic brain [...]

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Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, your social media accounts may cost you significantly financially. Social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook suffer from the “highlight reel” phenomenon. In other words, people tend to post highlights from their life when things are going well and when they’re feeling well. You [...]

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$9 Million Award by Jury in Quadriplegic Case in Canada

Miranda Biletski vs. University of Regina, October 2017 SK QB, Regina 1770/2007: $9,000,000 Award Biletski dove into a pool from competition starting blocks at the university during a swim club practice in June 2005. The then-16-year-old hit the bottom and fractured her cervical vertebrae, leaving her a quadriplegic. This case was unique in that [...]

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Disability Insurance and ME/CFS

DISABILITY INSURANCE and ME/CFS -  Stacking the Odds for Success   by Brent L. Handel J.D., Q.C. Disability insurance provides partial income replacement if you are disabled/unemployable because of any type of illness including ME/CFS. You may have disability insurance through a group insurance plan offered through your employer, union or association. You also may have purchased an [...]

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